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  Sinta Margot Spector, came from a diplomatic family, and grew up in five different countries around the world, along with studying, at a number of different schools, during her lifetime. Japan was one of the countries Sinta and her family lived, among others. She graduated with her Degree in Fine Arts from the Corcoran Museum, Corcoran College of Art and Design, in Washington DC, in 2002. Sinta then studied her Masters in Fine Arts at University of

Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, South Africa.  

  Sinta has met celebrities, such as, Tom Cruise in Tokyo, Jeff Koons (who graduated Sinta,) and Paul McCartney in Washington D.C, Paul Simon, Chris Tucker and Charlize Theron, in South Africa, and many many more, throughout her lifetime, living in a Diplomatic family lifestyle. 

  Sinta just recently moved back to the United States, after living in Johannesburg, South Africa for 15 years. Sinta was last in The United States for her education at the Corcoran Museum, Corcoran College of Art and Design, around 2002. During the time of be being back in the United States, Sinta has been teaching piano, vocals, and developing music performances with students, at Guitar Center, in Rockville, Maryland, Bach to Rock, in Bethesda Maryland, and taught Fine Arts at Plaza Artists and Materials, in Rockville Maryland. Sinta's partner, she has known for over 28 years, is at present working for CBS News in Washington DC.

  Through her art exhibitions over the years, Sinta has incorporated all her various skills, from Wearable art (fashion), music, photography and painting, into one exhibit. The show, during the time at the Corcoran in, 2002 at the Corcoran hemicycle, incorporated, all three of these skills. The Masters exhibition incorporated all three skills as well, but on a larger scale.  Spector is now following through with new pieces, evolved from the art works she had done in past shows, for a newer, contextual vision.

  You can find an article at the Smithsonian Museum, African Art Collection, in Washington D.C of Sinta's former exhibit in South Africa, on this link ( . Sinta in her past, has dressed South African Celebrities, and has been involved in a number of cultural diverse projects, dealing with Identity.  


  One can see Sinta's Resume on her other site.  Please click the button to read more.


Sinta is selling a few of her items on Poshmark, as a Poshmark Ambassador, at the moment. 

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Be Original, Be You.


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